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Wednesday, January 27 2021

Various - Lemongrassmusic in the mix: Ethnosphere 2 (January 29th 2010)   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Filled with dragon fire - red and hot - this compilation takes you to the deepest heart of Asia. Fasten your seat-belt and take off to this fantastic music trip....


 1. MoShang - "Weeping Willow"
 2. Eskadet - "Asian Dream"
 3. Mirage Of Deep - "Watu Wazuri"
 4. Carlos Yebra - "Percsuations"
 5. Sansura - "Xiangel"
 6. Faro - "Bohemian Dreams"
 7. Yin And Yang - "Nights Of Madras"
 8. Genetic Drugs & Jasmon - "Chidambaram"
 9. Sansura - "Shiv Shiv Beat"
10.Tafubar vs MoShang - "Yangchin Gang (Shang's Gang Loungemix)"
11.Selffish - "Avocado Stone"
12.Pan - "Visions Of Buddha"
13.Faro - "Shanti Sunset"
14.Eskadet - "From Bombay To Paris"
15.Mirage Of Deep - "Oasis Of Incense"
16.Yin And Yang - "Nag Champa"
17.Around Midnight - "Skylent"
18.Faro - "The Persuit Of Beauty"

19.Bonus Track:  Continuous DJ Mix by Jasmon

iTunes Link

Digital release on iTunes: February 5th 2010
Other portals: March 2010
Catalogue number: LGM 048-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic

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