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Wednesday, January 27 2021

Lounge du soleil Vol.9 - mp3 compilation (March 19th 2010)   PDF  Print  E-mail 


Fresh and green like springtime appears the 9th edition of Lemongrassmusic's innovative compilation series. A finest selection of tasty songs and loungy grooves.
It starts with the beautiful Redlounge Orchestra remix of Tafubar's "Ronḍ Romano" - a modern homage to the classic "Ronḍ Veneziano" - and a great take-off for this album.
Followed by the British duo Dee C'rell feat. Claire Simone maintaining the orchestral vibe on a jazzy broken beat -  carrying the tender voice of singer Claire Simone.
The track "Luxury Living Room" by Alicante-based quartet "Mirage of Deep feat. Josephine Sweett" is a preview on the download EP that will be released on Lemongrassmusic in May...
"Around Midnight" (alias Alex Hudish) from Israel contributes a powerful track with a dreamy melody, followed by MoShang who once again prooves that he knows combining Chinese folk music with modern grooves !
Further highlights are Michiko's "Pieces Of Your Heart" - taken from her forthcoming album "No Place Like Home" ; Lemongrass come up with a new collaboration track with singer Manalili who shares her daydream with us. Also Newton presents one of his first new collaboration works with vocalist Twila.too - sweet !!
New on Lemongrassmusic is artist "Placid Larry" (alias Daniel Ray van Zyl) from South Africa - his "Balloon Of Love" is an ambient track from a twilight world - deep and thoughtful.


 1. Tafubar - "Ronḍ Romano (Redlounge Orchestra Epic Mix)"
 2. Dee C'rell feat. Claire Simone - "Black From The Day"
 3. Mirage Of Deep - "Luxury Living Room" (feat. Josephine Sweett)
 4. Around Midnight - "Lightstep"
 5. MoShang - "Big Love"
 6. Kondencuotas Pienas - "Elegantish Elephantish"
 7. Michiko - "Pieces Of Your Heart"
 8. PJR Peter Rooke - "Cafe Latino"
 9. Lemongrass - "Look To The Sky" (feat. Manalili)
10.Mark Oakland - "Jahbreak"
11.Newton feat. Twila.too - "New Beautiful Life"
12.Airily - "Shinjiru"
13.InnamoratoDellaMusica - "Warm Place"
14.Marty Bobgarner - "Welcome In My Head"
15.Alexandra Hampton - "90 West"
16.Pete Phunk vs. Tafubar -
     "Goodlove, Weirder Form Of Love (Faro Remix)"
17.Placid Larry - "The  Balloon Of Love"    

iTunes Link

Digital release on iTunes: March 19th 2010
Other download stores: May 2010
Catalogue number: LGM 052-4

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