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Wednesday, January 27 2021

Various Artists - "Lemongrassmusic in the mix: Ethnosphere" (Jan 6th 2009 - MP3 only)   PDF  Print  E-mail 

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Welcome to the second issue of the compilation series „Lemongrassmusic in the mix“.
Once again the high diversity of electronic music spices and facets on the Lemongrassmusic label got  re-sorted and destillated to a powerful elixir – a potion for mental travelling.
The concluding compilation is a magical non-stop mix of timeless , relaxed, and Ethno-flavoured Lounge and Dance tracks.
Besides some all-time classics like Sansura`s This is India (o.w.g.mix) , Amun´s Red Eyes and Hana´s Ayume you will find some really excellent creations of  various Lemongrassmusic artists.
Producers like Faro , MoShang  and Jasmon take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world and take gentle movement to your mind and soul.
Throughout the whole compilation themes of the modern world encounter traditional music elements from many cultures on our planet.
The first half of the mix generates relaxed and spherical sound worlds that make you feel easy and free and trigger your daydreams and imagination. Dreams from 1001 nights !  Getting aware of  new ideas and never-known wishes. The second half  of the mix brings you back on your feet and makes you move. Forward and straight to your destinations...
Enjoy the many-folded music colours of the world !


 1. MoShang - "Waterless Well"
 2. Sansura - "Takebayashi"
 3. Eskadet - "Back to Kyoto"
 4. Faro - "Shape of Sense"
 5. Amun - "Red Eyes"
 6. Weathertunes - "Siddharta"
 7. ielo - "Soleil d`hiver"
 8. Jasmon - "Mountain peak"
 9. Hana - "Ayume"
10.Tafubar - "Mij Vershe (feat. Svitlana Damydjuk)"
11.Northbound - "Foul weather friend"
12.Tafubar vs MoShang - "Floating in an adrift mind
      (Oriental stormix)"
13.Genetic Drugs & Jasmon - "Lost frequencies"
14.Sansura - "This is India (o.w.g. mix)"
15.Yin and Yang - "Tantra Flow"
16.Jasmon - "Cruiser"
17.Pan - "Tenderness"

Non-stop Mix !!

Digital release : January 6th 2009
Catalogue number: LGM 022-4
Label: Lemongrassmusic

>iTunes Link<

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